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The Big Slap

‘La Gifle!’ That headline, adding insult to injury, echoed through the French press on Monday, often accompanied by a file photo of the President looking as though his eyes were watering. ‘The Slap in the Face’ for Hollande and his Socialist Party (PS), its waffling policies and mutinous allies (Greens, Communists) was administered by Sunday’s […]

November is all about Surreal

First thing back in Paris this early wintry afternoon, a shivery stroll to Centre Pompidou where the Surrealists are holding sway.  Not my cup of dormouse.  But an open mind and need for warmth converge. News to me (though not to many of you) is, that Alberto Giacometti was part of the Movement (with Andre […]

Paris in Snowtime

  Snow seems to fall on Paris only about one year in three, and in this moist basin of the Seine it hardly ever sticks for more than an hour.   With the climatological trend pointing toward rain-only from now on (not to mention that the Alps are sliding into the Mediterranean) the past few days’ […]