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Elections, What Else Is There?!

                          Old-enough readers will no doubt recall the Seven Dwarfs show – the Democratic primary debates that first revealed to the nation the charm and intelligence of a heretofore unknown named Bill Clinton. Last Thursday, France held its own debate of seven presidential […]

The Big Slap

‘La Gifle!’ That headline, adding insult to injury, echoed through the French press on Monday, often accompanied by a file photo of the President looking as though his eyes were watering. ‘The Slap in the Face’ for Hollande and his Socialist Party (PS), its waffling policies and mutinous allies (Greens, Communists) was administered by Sunday’s […]

A Stay Against Corruption

      Today’s verb: Se ressourcer.  Rediscover one’s roots, find new energy.  (definition Larousse)     Look.  These are not the best of times here on the east side of the Channel.  On top of France’s chronic woes of the past few years, most notably – economic hemophilia (essentially zero growth, ratcheting public expenditures) […]