The Day Before, The Day After

Day after tomorrow, whatever happens, all the posters, posts, demos, articles about the French election will be stale as yesterday’s brioche.

That said… I watched Wednesday’s debate despite being sickened by the aggressivity and ad hominem insults of Marine LePen. The good news is that her nastiness, combined with a less than coherent program and numerous ‘un-facts’, has resulted in a general consensus—even by many in her own party!—that Macron ‘won’ the debate. I was impressed by his performance, taking the crap (pardon my French) for 2 1/2 hours without losing his head—as she apparently expected him to. He is clearly highly intelligent—inexperienced at 39 but good will, gifts and good advisors can balance that. Certainly France’s best hope.  The debate gained him three % points, for whatver that is worth.   If he does not succeed in solving major problems that three predecessors have simply pushed down the road, LePen has a good chance of sweeping the next election.

The worry for tomorrow is a potentially high rate of abstention.  Mes ami(e)s, VOTE!


  1. Brava.

  2. Thank you as usual for your post. We already voted. 🙂
    (The Americas voted on Saturday)
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
    Bon Dimanche

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