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A New Least-Favored Nation?

The cry of Job—why am I being so tested? Some years ago, while helping out in a rural Haitian clinic, PdV found herself wondering, along with most Haitians, how on earth one beautiful small country came to be singled out by fate or the Almighty for such extraordinary treatment. After the grand, once in history […]

Home Alone in Paris

‘France for the truly French’, ‘keep out the foreigners’, ‘we must revive national identity’, etc etc. All familiar battle-cries of a certain segment of the right-wing, foremost but not exclusively the Front National, which polled 30% in recent regional elections. BUT–be careful what you wish for, mes amis. During decades of life in Europe, and […]

Antisemitism in France: Yes, No, and Maybe

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo/ policewoman/ kosher market killings here in Paris that took 17 lives last January, people have asked when they might expect to see a ‘point de vue’ on two subjects: whether daily life has changed, and whether antisemitism is on the rise in France. The two are terribly intertwined, […]

France’s 9/11? France’s War against Terrorism

Prepositions can be powerful. On September 20th, 2001, President George W. Bush declared the USA’s ‘war on terror’ (soon to be aka ‘the Global War on Terrorism.’) On January 9th, 2015, Manuel Valls, France’s de facto President, stated that ‘We are in a war against terrorism.’ Valls wasn’t speaking metaphorically.   During the past few days […]