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Bonsoir colere. Pointdevue is furious. Last night, out to grab a bite with a neighbor. Our little old streets alive with perhaps 150 heavily armed police. Obama and Hollande and Royale and hangers-on dining at the 300 euro a head resto around the corner, L’Ambroisie.  On the way home we halted among a crowd of […]

The Big Slap

‘La Gifle!’ That headline, adding insult to injury, echoed through the French press on Monday, often accompanied by a file photo of the President looking as though his eyes were watering. ‘The Slap in the Face’ for Hollande and his Socialist Party (PS), its waffling policies and mutinous allies (Greens, Communists) was administered by Sunday’s […]

The President, the First Lady, and the #2 Mistress with the Mona Lisa Smile

In retrospect, it did seem there was one upside to the national embarrassment of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s sexual crimes and extravaganzas in New York and around the world (extra credit if you even remember that fallen idol).   Namely, the creation of a bogeyman-scapegoat for France.  Exposed and excoriated, DSK was harried into exile in his Moroccan […]

May Day May Day

May 1, Lilies-of-the-Valley Day. (Thanks to a 1561 decree by Charles IX, who was smitten by the little flower.) The only thing you can still sell on Paris streets without a vendor’s licence! Despite a cold spring there seemed to be enough stalks to go around yesterday, as people streamed toward the Bastille to honor: […]

Le Mariage not so Gai ?

It’s been legal in the neighboring Netherlands for twelve uneventful years.  In Spain, a nation drenched in Catholic tradition, same-sex marriage was okayed in 2005.  Even in the sexually conflicted USA, legal barriers  are crumbling state by state.  So why does France, envied worldwide as the standard-bearer of liberté, fraternité and adult free play, have […]