Monthly Archives: May 2012

French Election Night

After a winter cold day, went around the corner to the Bastille to the gathering celebration for official 8 pm announcement of Francois Hollande’s victory.  The crowd was estimated at 10,000 to 20,000 by the media.  Didn’t look that enormous, but big enough, roaring at mysterious cues, waving flags, banners reading ‘Screw the Rich…’ hoisting […]

Election Day minus 4

  Last night’s marathon debate between FrancoisHollande (PS) and ‘exiting president’ Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) was scheduled to last two hours.  In fact the historic, one-match only confrontation began promptly at nine pm and ended near midnight.  By that hour presumably some proportion of the millions of spectators had thrown in the towel, either because they […]